Nov 12

Daily Ooh

Kohler Speaker Shower Head
From our good friends at Uncrate.com comes the Kohler Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head. This makes belting out off-key jams more easier for all of the aspiring American Idol types.

So uh, how does one avid electrocution? Just a question.

Nov 11

Will you be ready when the zombies come?

Oh, you better be. If you’ve ever watched 28 Days Later or The Walking Dead you know that we are just one global cataclysmic event away from an undead shitstorm. Forget about Revelations, forget about Mayan predictions, the Zombiepocalypse will get us first and we better be prepared.

The good thing is, there is a developing niche market in undead awareness. Survivalists have jumped on the obvious revenue stream and are crafting essential products that any self-respecting zombie killing badass would need. And what could be more essential than weapons? Guns are a bit passe – in the end times bullets will become increasingly scarce. What any decent walker assassin needs are blades, the more sinister the better.

Gerber is making the most of a commercial tie-in with The Walking Dead and is now marketing an apocalypse kit.

Gerber apocalypse kit

The star of this kit has to be the Parang in my opinion. Even the most hardened zombie would quiver when meeting the business end of this bad boy.

Gerber parang knife

Zombie Tools has taken the business of dispatching the undead to a whole new level. These guys don’t play and it shows. They offer hand forged knives spears and swords that will have the zombies begging for a true death. You’d be hard pressed to find better quality workmanship anywhere.

Zombie Tools

So get your stone cold zombie killin’ on when the end of the world finally comes nigh.

Nov 11

Yakuza, by Anton Kusters

I need this book now.

It’s a visual diary of Anton Kusters’ exclusive time documenting on of the world’s most violent and mythical organizations.

Check it out.

Jul 11

The iPhone SLR Mount

This just looks a little silly and fragile and awkward.

Jun 11

The $100,000 razor is here.

Yes, you saw that right. Peep the Zafirro Iridium Razor. It sells for 100 large.

Too rich for your peasant blood? Well consider the specs:
-pure iridium handle
-solid white sapphire blades
-pure platinum screws

I’ll take 10 as well as that lady servant to glide it across my patrician face.
zafirro iridium razor

May 11

VIDEO: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron

One of the best poets of his age, Gil Scott-Heron died today. While no video of his early ’70′s classic work “The revolution Will Not Be Televised” exists, I think this mashup with the equally subversive Boondocks cartoon does him justice.

May 11
May 11

Duffy London is on a next level of furnishing design

Swing TableHere’s an automatic way to break the ice for a dinner party: have the whole seating arrangement on swings. Just tone it down a bit or you’ll be reaching for the Gravol.

Brought to you by the good people of Duffy London.

May 11

VIDEO: ASIMO stops by for a visit

All hail our future robot overlord! Honda’s ASIMO stopped in Toronto for a visit. Cool and a little creepy. The PR rep said that he had a future as an assistant to the sick and infirm but I think the real truth is that he’ll (it?) will be snatched up by the industrial military complex.

T3 anyone?

Apr 11
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